Weight loss is an ever persisting life goal for many of us. The quest to look good and fit into size zero outfits, often fuel our desire to burn off fat. How we do it, of course, depends on our beliefs and understanding of the process. Unfortunately, many of these beliefs are founded on half truths and myths. Here's a closer look at some of the most prominent weight loss myths in the world.

Myth 1: Intense Workout = more weight loss

While a powerful exercise regimen may help you lose weight, there are certain things you must consider before indulging in it. For starters, fitness levels vary from person to person and therefore, what may work for one individual, may not work for another. In other words, if you've been leading a sedentary lifestyle, your workout routine cannot be as intense as that of someone who has been exercising regularly. So, when you do get down to devising an 'intense exercise program', make sure it's customized according to your personal requirements and stamina. Overdoing things could lead to a burnout and even more weight gain as a result.

Myth 2: Lose weight without dieting
No matter how much you exercise, you are required to follow it up with an efficient diet as well. If you're working out regularly but still find it difficult to resist the lure of junk food; you may not be losing weight at all. Also, even if you manage to achieve a slender form on the outside, you are putting yourself at risk of developing high cholesterol as a result of all the incorrect eating. So, if you want to lose weight and maintain your health; try and stick to a healthy diet. If you simply can't, then at least make sure you have junk food in moderation.

Myth 3: Cutting Calories accelerates Weight loss
Cutting calories is the best way to lose weight for those who eat in excess or overindulge in food. However, it is not recommended for people who eat proportionate and well balanced meals. In the latter case, cutting down on calories could lead to several health problems and even lower your overall metabolism- making it difficult for you to lose any weight at all. You should instead try effective and healthy weight loss supplements such as Dietrine Carb Blocker for fast fat burn.

Myth 4: Weight Gain is Hereditary
It's true that obese parents tend to raise children who are also overweight. However, there is nothing to keep either generation from taking a step towards losing that weight. Making small lifestyle changes such as introducing healthy fare in place of junk food at the family table could help you lose weight and beat the 'fat gene'. So, while you may never look like a supermodel; you always have the option to keep yourself fit by eating right.

Hence, the next time you hear any of these, disregard them and carry on with your weight loss efforts. Beating these myths will eventually help you beat the problems of heavy weight.